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The Kingsbridge Office

The Kingsbridge Office opened in 2022 providing flexible working space in the heart of the town. They came to FutureClient looking to build a new website which would plug into their existing booking system, and that showcased the brand whilst also making it easy and simple for customers to trust and book an office space. The job included designing the branding, which drew inspiration from the sister company, ActionWest, inverting the colours to offer synergy between the businesses whilst retaining individual identity.


The Kingsbridge Office

What We've Done

  • Branding
  • Business Stationery
  • Business Cards
  • Signwriting
  • Website
Kingsbridge Office Logo

The team at FutureClient are very perceptive and easy to work with. They really listen to what you want - I have worked with designers in the past who tend to impose their opinions quite a lot. As a result, it really feels like a collaborative process where they take your ideas and enhance them with suggestions for improved user experiences and more effective concepts. As a result, we have a clean, unfussy site, which is what I wanted, we’re very happy and customers like it as well - we’re definitely getting bookings!

Steve Mammatt